Selasa, 07 Oktober 2014

The Story of A Hero

Receive got the name of Berugarion later. Living with Pol aunt to Farudo farm in Sendaria, it was a boy of dishwashing ordinary are everywhere, but one night, so that you go on a journey together with Pol aunt who suddenly. Ability hidden in his own secrets and birth, In addition, he will be aware of the great destiny to listen to this earlier in the course of the journey.

Magician and the great live for 7000 years of time. It is referred to as "Mr. Wolf" from Galion. Disciple of God Alder, it has been defended from the threat of false god tractor world with Berudin our brothers and Porugara daughter. The lead according to the "prophecy" the Fellowship and Galion wisdom and experience that has been cultivated in the life of eternity, we will protect them in the magic.

Daughter of the bell glass. Woman magician to live when 3000 years. Owner of proportions and facial features a Tansei. It is owner of a rich black hair, but the only people bunch of hairline to the left of the forehead is white as snow. Mother existence to support us in Galion magic and medicine and cuisine. In the end, I will be the story affects the "key" the fate of the "confrontation of light and darkness".

Princess Torunedora empire. Daughter of one of only 23 Emperor run Borun. Deceased mother as was the case, she is also a spirit Doryuado of the tree now. Perhaps because it is the only child of Emperor, grew up in the selfish daughter of the hothouse. I want to run away from home quietly with Jibasu tutor from Torunedora. Thanks to Jibasu ran away, I will be traveling companions of Galion directly. As will be quarreling with Galion

Blacksmith living in Farudo plantation. Sendaria people. The good-hearted honest in principle. Been bought by Bell glass manual dexterity and his personality, I would be traveling companions of Galion from the beginning. Ethics are thorough only good man, customs that gives the sensual impression and murder does not accept stubbornly. It is holding a hots to Porugara, to try to protect her hard and Galion is a nephew.

Chereku people. Cousin of King Chereku Anhegu. I have the title of Toreruhaimu today. I'm good at fencing in the Herculean strength. Which can be transformed into a bear in the impulse of unknown cause. There are two daughters between the wife Merrell, but terms of the wife are chilled. It supports Galion us in battle, to teach him swordsmanship. In response to certain events, changes in the terms of the visit with his wife.

Dorasunia people. Nicknamed the "silk". His real name is Keruda prince. Nephew of King Dorasunia loader, and has been active in the shadows as a spy. It has a look like a rat, such as the weasel petite, it also has another face "Amber Koto~u" and "Radek of Bokutoru". Dagger is the main weapon, I will excel also grapple with bare hands.

Astor living in Allen Deer. From the inscription house Wairuda center house of Astor. Do not remove the absolute aim Guru bow. From that year and Galion is close, I would be best friends immediately. Personality reckless dashing in a straightforward is to disaster, I stir up a variety of trouble here and there. The seriously injured in the battle with the monster Arugurosu, although sidelined earliest

Minburu living in Allen Deer. Baud Mandore today. Nobody beat if you to have a spear, knight of Minburu's strongest. Knight of veritable who prefer a fight, use the formal words in armor wave clad in a body, it becomes knight of the back-Nedra dedicating later. I stand in the front line of combat Barak, with Heta. Actually, I'm in the midst of tragic love which is not fulfilled

Arugaria people. Adoption of the patriarch Jo hug Arugaria. It is Sha Darimu that can present itself to attend a "great honor", the mind and the horse in Arugaria society. That they have been brutally murdered in Margo's parents in front of the eye at an early age is the opportunity, and vigorously Margo hate people, and began to kill them aggressively. Defeat the enemy skillfully manipulating the saber.